Beer Books | February Edition

Last month we focused on the essentials when it came to beer books. We recommended books that would tell you all you need to know about styles, their history and offer in most cases the proper food to pair with each.

This month the book we are going to recommend takes a look at beer before you get to enjoy that first sip, a brewing book. There are many to chose from and I would suggest that you buy more than one if you can because everyone’s style and technique is different but there is one go to book to learn the basics of home brewing.

It is The Complete Joy of Home Brewing by the man in home brewing Charlie Papazian

There is a lot to appreciate about this book. It gives you the history and helps you with your first set up. You are then walked through the basics of homebrewing with pure joy and a bit of humor. It’s easy to be stressed trying something like this for the first time, but this book truly makes you relax which in turn leads to better brews.

From there it moves on to intermediate brewing and dives into fermentation, sanitation and how to get your wort together. If you are still thirsty for more you can dive into the advanced section and go from extract to all-grain recipes and submerge yourself in the world of yeast, only of course, if you are ready.

Whether you want to keep it simple or find out if you are serious about your passion for brewing, this book can be useful to you. I read it before brewing, after brewing and will read it again. I am nowhere ready for the advanced section – but at least now when he says, “Relax, have a homebrew” while in the midst of brewing – I can.

*If you have any beer book recommendations – shoot us a message – information found on the contact tab*


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