Tartastic | Beer Review

Sour Ale – New Belgium Brewing Company

Today is Superbowl Sunday and I was feeling decidedly bitter about the game since my beloved Broncos did not even make the playoffs. So when I went to the store today to pick up some snacks for the big game I was hoping to find a beer to fit my mood, the newest Sour offering, Tartistic, from New Belgium Brewing Company could not have been more perfect.

Tagline: A refreshing Sour Ale with the lip-tingling sweet and sour flavors of juicy lemon and ginger.

Visual: A hazy, vibrant straw.

Aroma: Hello lemon, hello ginger on the first sniff. No hops to be found and minimal to no malt tones either, this aroma is all about the sour and the lemon/ginger.

Taste: It begins with the lemon hitting the tip of your tongue and then you are immediately struck by the fizzy mouthfeel. It is more tart than sour and it is nicely refreshing. Being a big fan of the sour ales that New Belgium produces the flavor and first sip start off strong but leave you wanting more, and the more doesn’t come with this beer.

ABV: 4.5%

Overall Beer Rating:     6.75 spades out of 10


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