India Pale Ale | Proper Glassware

Beer is everyone’s drink, everyone has a favorite, everyone has one they hate and everyone has a way to drink it. There isn’t a right or wrong way just like there isn’t one beer that all people can agree on, this is what makes beer culture so great.

On that note, another monthly feature we are introducing will focus on proper glassware. We are going to walk you through the glassware that pairs best with each particular beer style and why. You can drink beer out of the can or bottle, sometimes that’s all you can do but we hope to give you the information to take the beer you love and take its flavor to the next level.

The Beer:

India Pale Ale (single IPA) – Including hazy IPAs

The Glassware Recommendation: 

Spiegelau’s IPA glass

The Reason:

This glass is specficially made for hoppy beers. The shape and overall design allows for the thick head to thrive, a must in IPAs, in order to preserve mouth-feel and aroma. This design also got approval from Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head, two breweries who are known for their hoppy beers.


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