Beer & Food | January Pairing

Beer Style of the Month: Stout

Taste (Different Approach Than Style Profile): Stouts tend to be a drier beer – often they have a coffee or chocolate-like finish. The Stout is a beer rich in flavor and if the beer is barrel-aged other predominant flavors such as rum or whiskey will change the pairings suggested.

Suggested Parings: Shellfish, Stews (strongly flavored), Beef Dishes (Roasted, Smoked and BBQ) and of course Dessert – Chocolate.

  • A side-note for pairings – the beer and the food should be mirror images. Light meals with light beers and heavy meals with dark (heavy) beers.

Our Favorite: An ideal Stout meal would start with a beef stew and end with dark chocolate – individual pieces that could be snacked on with each sip. This is not the meal you should eat for your New’s Years resolutions but it is the meal you need.


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