Black Bottle Brewery | Brewery Review

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

The Scene: Set a few blocks off campus, Black Bottle Brewery is right by the intersection of College and Prospect (for those of you that know your Fort Collins geography). Tucked in the corner, they have a large patio, however I opted for the indoor seating this time of year. Walking in there was a bunch of regulars greeting everyone, which gave it an immediate feeling of camaraderie. Black Bottle serves its own brews as well as some American favorites and international brews as well. If you plan on having a few beers while you’re there, the kitchen offers some great appetizers and flat-breads.

The Beer List: The beer list has something for every beer lover out there. From Stouts to IPAs and Saisons you can’t go wrong. The servers are very knowledgeable about the beers and are helpful in recommending something they think you’ll enjoy.

The Best: I enjoyed all the beers I tasted (benefit of bringing friends with you, more beers to taste without over-indulging). The two that really stood out to me were the Static Age Hazelnut Breakfast Stout and the Karma Payment Plan Sour IPA. Both had a smooth, bold flavor and the Static Age had a great smoky finish.

What am I going back for: The beer and the atmosphere. It’s the kind of place I would want to stop by after work for a beer or two. It’s relaxed feeling and good beers are a great way to end the day.

Overall Brewery Rating: 8 spades out of 10


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