Elect The Perfect Beer | How to Survive Election 2016

This election, no matter where you stand on the issues or the candidates has been stressful, never-ending, and at times out of control. Tonight, it all finally comes to an end, let’s just hope it isn’t THE end.

There is not going to be a lot of agreement when it comes to the issues or the next President of the United States. In fact, there is just one thing that I believe the American People can agree on, each of us will need one, if not many, adult beverages to survive the night.

Just like each voter – each drinker might be looking for something particular in their beer to get them through the night. We have separated our suggestions into 3 very different approaches.

The Nervous Drinker

They need something to do with their hands all night to keep them occupied, beers they can drink in mass.

Top Picks – Session Beers (ABV 5.3% and lower)

Avery Brewing Company – Joe’s Pilsner

Dry Dock Brewing Company – Hefeweizen

Odell Brewing Company – Easy Street

Upslope Brewing Company – Craft Lager

Special Shout Out: Call to Arms – Clintonian Pale Ale

The Political Drinker

They want a beer to comfort them while they discuss policies, they are looking for the right electoral buzz.

Top Picks – Comfort Beers (ABV 5.5% to 8%)

Station 26 Brewing Company – Single Hop Simcoe IPA

New Belgium Brewing Company – Citradelic

Cerebral Brewing Company – Nightglow

Little Machine Beer – Racerback

Special Shout Out: Weldwerks Brewing – Juicy Bits

The I am afraid to watch Drinker

 They are probably not going to watch the results live but instead drink until they are no longer worrying about the outcome. These people may not be at work tomorrow.

Top Picks – Big Beers (ABV 8% and above)

Telluride Brewing Company – FISHwater Double IPA

Spangalang Brewery – Nightwalker

Westbound and Down Brewing Company – General MacArthur’s Scotch Ale

CAUTION Brewing Company – Toaster Bat Black

Special Shout Out: Great Divide Brewing Company – Yeti (ALL things Yeti)



(Play responsibility and remember it’s all going to be okay)


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