Porter Brewin’ | A Darker Adventure

In our last homebrewing post I was wavering between brewing a Porter or a Stout, ultimately the Porter won. I went this direction for two reasons, both of which may have nothing to do with the actual outcome of the beer. One, I have heard from other homebrewers that this is a fairly easy style of beer to brew. After the last experience, I can admit, I am a bit gun shy this time around. Two, I keep believing that fall, maybe even winter, weather is coming which is ideal Porter weather.

So far the weather has clung to late summer but it is dropping in the evenings and the beer won’t be ready for another month. Hope springs eternal.

Brew Process:

It’s Alive:

Three Takeaways:

  1. Dried malt and steam create a sticky situation, literally, even more so with the malt heavy Porter.
  2. It takes a higher temperature to get your wort at a low rolling boil for a Porter.
  3. Brewing in the month of October when the temperatures finally start to drop (to a cool 75 degrees) allows for more control of the overall process. I am hoping less heat leads to less issues, working towards that happy yeast.

The next update will be during the bottling phase.


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