Roll in Ze’ Hay | Beer Review

Gose Salted Sour Wheat – Verboten Brewing

Before GABF week I wandered into a liquor store on the other side of Denver from me. Mondo Vino, more than one person had suggested it and I was not disappointed, the Colorado Craft Beer selection was on point. I gravitated towards a Verboten bomber since I had no idea when I would be able to make it north to Loveland in the next couple of months.

Bonus – Verboten means forbidden, so of course sign me up.

Double Bonus – Their wood and barrel-aged strong stout “Little Nonsense” won bronze at GABF 2016, expectations were high.

Visual: Pale-lemon straw, a bit hazy.

Aroma: Tangy, a bit fruity or floral with hints of salt.

Taste: Not at all what I expected and that’s good thing. A bit hoppy, very light (it is a wheat) with salt lingering in the background. The sour is certainly there but not abrasive and finishes crisp.

ABV: 5.2%

Overall Beer Rating:     9 out of 10 spades



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