Bottled Up and a Bottle Down

The second time you go through something like homebrewing you find that there is a certain way you like to do things.

I thought I had the siphon and bottling process all figured out and even requested the extra assistance from Meg since I nearly lost the first batch trying to do it all myself. Like I often find myself saying in this process, I was wrong.

It’s always better to have someone else brewing with you. To see it through a different perspective can show you things you didn’t catch the first time or things you might have trained your brain to ignore. Not only that, but walking someone else through the process while you physically do it lends itself to catching errors.

The siphon was easier with help and the bottling process went better since I knew what to expect. We actually had a greater amount of beer put into the bottles since there was less waste.

Plus it was a blast to see Meg’s facial expression when she tried the beer pre-carbonation – it’s different but it gives you a hint of what’s to come. It is something I have learned to do in every stage of the process.

There was only one error…

You never know your true strength until it’s too late.

The beer is actually bottle conditioned at this time so look for the Homebrewed Equinox IPA Beer Review next week.


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