Carbonation Complete – Homebrew Update

The bottles have been sitting peacefully for two full weeks as of today. According to my brew kit instructions and most of the research I have been doing, they should be good to drink.

Of course, I would prefer to test it but there isn’t a way to do it without risking one of my precious bottles. The priming sugar is in and I was patient, the perfect mixture for success.

I couldn’t leave it alone though, so I hopped online to find some ways to figure out if it’s carbonated.

Top 3 Suggestions:

1 – Quickly turn the bottle upside down and then back again – the amount of force needed is slight, it does not need to be shaken, watch how it reacts.

2 – Hold the bottle up to the light so you can see the air gap that expands from the top of the bottle down. Compare this reaction to other known carbonated beers.

3 – Crack it open, have a sip.

I believe the beer is ready, it passed the first two tests. I moved the beer to the refrigerator but I can’t have one just yet. My brewing partner isn’t available, she returns from vacation this weekend and it is only fitting we drink it together.

Soon… very soon.


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