Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co – Brewery and Beer Review

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co – Lafayette, CO

I am going to be honest, my original plan to visit Lafayette was not built around visiting this particular brewery. I had heard great things about the place, especially the Peanut Butter Porter, which by the way did not disappoint, but it wasn’t beer I was after. I was after a mythical fried chicken. The type of chicken you can only find at Post Brewing, I don’t think I’ve ever had better. Each delicious chicken dish was paired with one of their beers, crisp and refreshing they completed the meal

The Scene: Since I was up there, I mean I don’t just shoot up to Lafayette on the regular I made the most of the trip. I am glad that I did. The atmosphere was modern but welcoming. The bar was huge and there was plenty of family style seating that floated from the inside to the patio separated by the open garage sized door. People knew each other by name and I am pretty sure by beer. On their website they say they are small, award winning and do not cut corners, nothing but the truth.

The Beers:

Tropical Sucka Punch – NE Pale Ale

Visual: An orange to golden hue – hazy

Aroma: Faint hop smell but the citrus gave a distinctly pineapple scent

Taste: Hops intermix with a sweet pine flavor. The carbonation feels a bit different than you would expect, fruit punch in its nature. It is both sweet and bitter and finishes softly. Tropical is a good description but I prefer transporting, it tastes like a Jimmy Buffet song sounds. For me it was love at first sip

ABV: 5.8%

Rating:     10 Spades out of 10

‘Merica – Session IPA

Visual: Light gold and semi-clear

Aroma: Hoppy with citrus and pine ending with malt to balance out.

Taste: Strong hop hits your entire tongue, it has the intensity of a traditional IPA. By the second and third sip the malt moves forward giving a better finish to the taste. A delicious IPA but to me calling it a Session beer doesn’t due it justice. My rating is more reflective of that, I see session beers closer to 4.5% and those I can have a few of, this couldn’t happen here but in a good way.

ABV: 5.2%

Rating:     7 Spades out of 10

Bastogne Wheat – Wheat Beer

Visual: Crystal yellow gold

Aroma: Banana with some stronger spices lingering in the background.

Taste: The initial reaction is to enjoy the banana taste and the way it plays with the creamy mouthfeel. It’s filled with sweet and light bubbles as it goes down. Fits the mold, quite traditional not as reaching but satisfying. With every sip it becomes more and grows on the drinker.

ABV: 5.8%

Rating:     7 spades out of 10

The Unexpected: Militia Members

It was like fight club but in the open. Members were there and obvious with their large mugs but no one was talking about it. It’s not even listed on their website, drink it but never speak of it?

Overall Brewery Rating:     8 spades out of 10


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