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I will say it now and I am sure I will say it again but honesty is the best policy as we go through the best journey together. Therefore, in the interest of honesty and just in case you didn’t follow along closest enough to the last brew (which I doubt many of you did) it was unsuccessful. During fermentation, there were some issues and we didn’t get it bottled fast enough. In the midst of everything – well – it just sort of went up in a ball of beer flames.

The last brew was a failure because I personally failed to plan and execute. We set up this brew on 1/27/18 because we thought it would be a slow time of the beer year. Well, that assumption was very wrong but at least this time a true plan was in place. The beer we selected for this latest batch was a Tangerine Pale Ale. In theory, the beer will be drinking just right in time for March – which means Spring and this beer felt right for the time of year.

Given the temperature outside (right around 40 degrees) we did our first brew using the propane tank in the garage. I don’t know if it was the garage or the experience¬†from the last few brews but the mash, the boil and the cooldown could not have gone any better. The timing was nearly flawless and for the first time, I felt like we had the temperatures totally controlled.

After most of the “heavy lifting” was done we made sure to make the most of our brew day by enjoying a First Class Bottle Share – details about the S’mores to come later this week. Favorite beer of the group – much to my surprise was actually from Speciation and I can now confirm the hype for Superstition’s PBJ is well deserved.

The beer is fermenting away nicely – the yeast is having a party – the next update will be after we re-rack and then get it bottled. Bottling – is always the biggest adventure of the process.


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