VisionQuest Brewery | Brewery Review

Location: Boulder, Colorado

The Scene: This was just different and I mean it in the most perfect way. This is at the same time a Boulder brewery and a place you would not at all expect in Boulder. There was an obvious space theme throughout but the music on my visit was older Cantina/Mexican style, the kind you might hear in a Doris Day movie mixed with old school Hawaiian – I wish I had asked for their station. The people were friendly and just so Boulder and I mean that in the most positive way (those are my people) – the beertender was passionate, knowledgeable and possessed a sharp wit. With the garage door open you could enjoy a view of the flatirons from anywhere inside. It’s hard to explain but it’s almost like you have stumbled into a sort of mysterious members only beer club.

The Beer List: There was something for everyone with great names to match. The IPA – Trisket District to the Sunbath Lager and Choco Rye Brown each stood out and were unique takes on their styles. Feeling daring? Have a taster of the Mexican Java Coffee Cake – just watch out for the pepper. The list changes constantly and if you ask nicely you will get to see what’s newly added and may not be on the board.

The Best: The beer that spoke to me the most was Space Jam – the blackberry dark sour. It was luscious, tart and layered in its flavor. I also got to try the raspberry, equally good but for different reasons, it’s probably gone by now – sorry to tease you.

What am I going back for? The view – from outside this time – I hung out at the bar for my first visit. I am also going back for the ever-rotating beer menu. I can’t wait to see what unusual brews will be available next time.

Overall Brewery Rating:     8.5 spades out of 10


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