Tart Noire | Beer Review

Farmhouse Ale – Paradox Beer Company 

I am getting ready to head back down to destination Divide this weekend and realized I need more room in my beer cellar. Naturally – I decided to crack open one of my favorites from my last visit down that way, the Tart Noire.

Tagline: Every grape is a reflection of its lineage, its soil and the season that gave it life.

Visual: Dark auburn – minimal head.

Aroma: This hits the nose with funk and sour – followed by grapes – dark, deep grapes.

Taste: The flavors have mellowed but have also become deeper and more layered over time. It’s still tart with a nice fizz followed by the dark (pinot noir) grape flavor. It finishes cleanly – smoothly and would pair well with any summer night.

ABV: 7%

Overall Beer Rating:     9 spades out of 10


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