Certified Beer Server | On The Road To Cicerone

What is a Certified Beer Server?

The Certified Beer Server certificate is step one on the road to becoming a cicerone. It is an online test, 60 multiple choice questions, covering what you might consider to be the basics of beer. It is designed to be the starting point for any person interested in knowing more about beer and serving beer.

What Does the Exam Cover?

Keeping and Serving Beer

Beer Styles

Beer Flavor and Evaluation

Beer Ingredients and the Brewing Process

My Score:

51/60 for 85% – PASS

My Strengths:

Beer Ingredients and Brewing Process

Beer Flavor and Evaluation

My Weakness:

Keep and Serving Beer

Beer Styles – Being able to pick the style given three key descriptors (harder than expected)

What Happens Next?

The next step isn’t until October, there is a Cicerone exam in April but after passing the first test I know I am not ready for it just yet. The exam I am targeting is October 1st, which is the Sunday before GABF week in Denver. In between now and then I will be focusing on the syllabus (you can find it online at www.cicerone.com) and signing up for every off-flavor course I can find.


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