Bigger and Hopefully Better | Five Gallon Brew Kit

We were very lucky to be spoiled over the holidays when it came to brewing equipment. We picked up a second one gallon kit and our first five gallon brew kit.

We have plans – special plans that involve fruit for the one gallon kit but that’s for another day.

Today we are talking about the five gallon brew kit. Meg and I have set aside this upcoming Saturday (2/4) to dive into this new adventure. If done right we should be able to brew up 50 bottles of Amber Ale. It’s exciting but a bit intimidating, particularly the idea of bottling those 50 bottles, but that also means we will have more beer to share with friends.

As I began to prep this week a couple of concerns crossed my mind – in addition to the physical labor of the additional gallons.

How much harder will it be to sanitize?

Will I have enough patience to wait for the right temperatures?

Is there a way to minimize spills?

Am I just worrying needlessly?

I mean it is the exact same kit we have been using just on a bigger scale.

So I am asking our readers and fellow homebrewers – any tips for the first five gallon batch?

Don’t be shy – add your thoughts to the comments and keep an eye on Instagram on Saturday.

Happy Brewing!


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