Porter | Homebrew Dual Review

Porter Styles vary from American to English and from there the combinations of malts and additions to the brew are endless. For our homebrewed Porter review we are going to use the description from the box as a baseline.

“A classic dark ale featuring specialty grains. A nice, hoppy character is balanced well against this roasty, full-bodied beer.”


Alysia: Dark Brown (with hints of gold character), minimal to appropriate head.

Meg: Dark Chocolate color with a small head.


Alysia: Chocolate forward with malt and a roasty/toasty background.

Meg: Hint of toasty Caramel.


Alysia: Malt and toasty to the point of a little bit burnt – a touch of hoppiness with a slightly creamy mouth-feel.

Meg: Bitter with a malty finish. The hops were minimal as expected from a Porter ending with a thin mouth-feel.

For both of us a hint of chocolate in the taste.

ABV: 5.23%

Overall Beer Rating – Alysia:     7 spades out of 10

Overall Beer Rating – Meg:     7.5 spades out of 10


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