California Tastin’ | Beer Exploration

So here’s the thing, this blog is dedicated to the Colorado craft beer scene, but every once in a while it is good to get out of your comfort zone.

If you’re following our Instagram or Facebook (if not, get on it) you saw our Adventures in California over the Thanksgiving Holiday. The most surprising thing?

It wasn’t an adventure laden with IPAs.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me a good West Coast IPA but variety in beer styles to me is key.

When in Cali – Check out the local store

Almanac Beer Company and Modern Times Beer – California beers but not brewed in Los Angeles, both were smooth and refreshing.

The Lost Abbey – On point, barrel-aged mastery on display.

The Breweries

Smog City Brewing Company – Torrance, CA

Vibe: Well Hello California… but it also managed to feel like home. The set up was open, friendly and there was beers for days.

Beer List: All of the beers (almost literally), I couldn’t help but to try most of them. Pilsner to Honey Stout to IPAs to Sours to even Wine Barrel-Aged beers.

Shout Out: Their Coffee Porter is the thing that dreams are made of, my dreams at least.

Monkish Brewing Company – Torrance, CA

Vibe: Microbrewery (just in size) meets California with a bit of an old school monk flair, yes monk flair does exist. It’s such a unique vibe that words don’t really do it justice.

Beer List: Belgian beer lover’s paradise with an exploration into more, most notably sours.

Shout Out: Funk Juggling, a blended barrel-aged Tart Saison – great name, better beer.

A Flight-By (Definition: A Beer Drive-By)

The Dude’s Brewing Company – Torrance, CA

Vibe: Locally (and strongly) recommended – a Big Lebowski themed brewery – fun, tasty and worth the quick stop.

Shout out: Juicebox: Blood Orange Amber Ale


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