Rocky Mountain Showdown – Winner

Today is the big day – who’s beer gets to brag at all of the tailgates?

Winner –

The winner of the Rocky Mountain Beer Showdown 2016 is Boulder – Go CU!

We couldn’t leave you without a full breakdown of all the beer:

First up – Fort Collins: Reviews By Meg

New Belgium Belgo 

Visual: Clear amber with a hint of gold.

Aroma: Spicy and a little hoppy

Taste: This beer is a belgian-style IPA, so it’s not as hoppy as some of their other IPAs. It starts out with a fruity flavor and a hint of spices, then finishes with a hoppy bitterness.

ABV: 7.0%

Overall Beer Rating:     8 spades out of 10


Funkwerks Tropic King

Visual: Amber with orange tones

Aroma: Clean citrus

Taste: Full-bodied, starts out with a bitter kick of passion fruit. As a double saison, it packs quite a kick and with the extra hops, it has a nice hoppy finish.

ABV: 8.0%

Overall Beer Rating:     9 spades out of 10

Fort Collins Brewery Far Away

Visual: Reddish copper

Aroma: Hoppy, hint of pine

Taste: Dry, hoppy taste. Good mouthfeel, not too heavy not too light, fruity

ABV: 6.5%

Overall Beer Rating:     8 spades out of 10

Next Up – Boulder: Reviews by Alysia


Avery El Gose

Visual: Hazy straw with a lot of frothy head

Aroma: Citrusy – lime and salt, almost a hint of the ocean

Taste: Immensely drinkable, I would say definitely sessionable. It is sour but not overly so because the lime and salt take off the edge. It would pair well with street tacos at the tailgate for the Rocky Mountain Showdown

ABV: 4.5%

Overall Beer Rating:     9 spades out of 10


Sanitas Cherry Saison

Visual: Pale copper and very clear with a nice head

Aroma: Earthy with hints of cherry, a bit of a biscuit smell.

Taste: Approaches softly – hints of spice and fruit (cherry) with a typical saison dry finish. Not bold but could be, a nice foundation.

ABV: 5.9%

Overall Beer Rating:     7 spades out of 10


Upslope Experimental Hop IPA

Visual: Dark gold with copper hues and a strong head

Aroma: Hop forward with a hint of citrus and earthy/piney tones

Taste: Straight hops to the face. This is followed by the citrus and pine but the medium bodied malt does a great job of creating a well balanced beer. More than your typical IPA and not for those who don’t enjoy hops.

ABV: 7.3%

Overall Beer Rating:     8.5 spades out of 10



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