Beer Cellar? Beer Cellar.

I was mindlessly wandering through my Facebook feed when I came across Dry Dock’s new beer release. Today at 5pm they released the first batch of their Barrel-Age Funk and Sour Series.

To quote their website Dry Dock says, “Complex fruity and earthy aromas suggest hints of funk and give way to rich malty flavors of stone fruit, white chocolate, plums, raisins, and dark cherries. Brett Stock Ale has notes of bananas foster, vanilla, and wild berries, as well as port and sherry, all with a pleasing rustic undertone and almost no acidity. The flavors in this beer will continue to develop over time, making it a great bottle to add to the cellar.”

Oh yes, please.

And then an idea popped into my head. I have never purposely aged a beer before to really compare the flavors so tonight I am cracking open the first bottle. Then in a several months, maybe even a year, I will crack open the second and compare notes.

I will not, however, admit how I created my beer cellar… but it’s cool and the temperature doesn’t vary year round.



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