Woods Boss Brewing Company | Brewery Review

Location:  Denver (less than 5 minutes from Five Points and RiNo)

The Scene: I had seen beers, posts and crowler pictures from all sorts of people as soon as this place opened downtown. The back of the bar looked awesome and people were raving about the beers. I finally found a time to get down there but first scoped out Google maps. I only mention this because I don’t want people to be alarmed. It’s not updated yet so if you were asking Google it looks like you are going to enjoy some awesome beers in an abandoned building – honestly, that made the drive down there that much more fun.

Now on to the actual atmosphere. The taproom is huge but it still felt cozy. You are immediately greeted as you walk in the door and finding the right beer no matter how picky you might be was a challenge the staff enjoyed. While the wood theme in breweries is fairly common – this lighter approach and having tables a bit oversized created a theme of their own. My favorite part of the taproom though is still probably the back bar – well that and the delicious beers.

The Beer List: The first word that comes to mind is variety. I will admit I was surprised by that since I had primarily been hearing all about their Hazy IPAs – both Eloise and The Oswald were on point by the way. But I also found myself enjoying their kettle sour and American pale ale. I didn’t get to taste the saison or amber (to name a few) but after thoroughly enjoying my flight I will be back for those.

The Best: I was captured by the Swede Hook– which just happened to be tapped that day. I do like porters but I have never been what you might call a big fan. This porter with vanilla and sweet orange checking in at just 4.7% was happiness in a glass. I even brought home a crowler of it with me – I don’t think I will be able to bring myself to share this one.

What am I going back for? To try the rest of the beer styles. I also wouldn’t mind being able to enjoy a couple of beers on their patio (weather permitting). I was only able to stop in for a bit so a longer visit is definitely on the agenda. I guess you could say I am going back for everything.

Overall Brewery Rating:     8.5 out of 10 spades


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