Guanella Pass Brewery | Brewery Review

Location: Georgetown, Colorado

The Scene: Just off of I-70 there is a nice little mountain town that you can stop in before making your final ascent towards the Divide and Eisenhower tunnel. Parts of it feel like you are transported back into time with the quaint design of the homes – well preserved through many winters. Georgetown is also the last stop before making your way up to Guanella Pass and the “easiest” Fourteener in Colorado in Mt. Bierstadt. Just recently the town got its first brewery in Guanella Pass Brewery – by itself it should be considered a destination. Tucked away in a building that has seen a few things – its views are immaculate and you forget you are minutes from one of the busiest highways in the country. As soon as you walk in you know you’ve hit the neighborhood spot – its energy is great and the beers are on point.

The Beer List: While the core beer list isn’t huge – it ensures that there is something for any beer drinker. There’s an IPA, Pale Ale, Stout, Rye Saison, Wheat and a Black American Ale. The throwback designs for each beer are a fun touch as well. Go dark or go light but either way, make sure to enjoy one of them on the patio while the heat is still on.

The Best: My favorite beer was Season Pass – the Pale Ale. The beer was flavorful – citrusy and nicely layered in its taste. It was hard to pick though – Grey Wolf Mountain the Rye Saison was also special but didn’t fit my laid back vacation mood like the pale ale.

What Am I Going Back For? To spend more time. This was a last minute stop on my journey after a long day of four-wheeling and I only got to enjoy a quick flight on the patio. I need to get back – belly up to the bar and take the time to enjoy the full-size beers and the set up inside with the brewery equipment.

Overall Brewery Rating:     8 out of 10 spades


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