Beer Books | July Edition

Radical Brewing

Recipes, Tales & World Altering Meditations In a Glass

Written By Randy Mosher

As you may or may not have noticed our last homebrew just sort of ended. There was a seemingly successful brew day and the yeast got busy but then I didn’t offer any further updates. Let’s just say that the timing was bad and with the hot weather this last batch of beer did not meet a useful end. For a little while, this got me thinking about whether or not my foray into brewing was the right approach. Quite simply how dedicated was I to this brewing venture and what were the pros and cons of moving forward with it or shutting it down?

The fact my line of thought even traveled this way caused concern. I began to wonder if I was just playing (enjoying good beers and good people) and not taking it as seriously as I had set out to do. The answer was just that – I got wrapped up in the good times and trust me I’ve had some great adventures of late but let some of the important stuff slip. This blog and this whole enterprise is dedicated to understanding what makes beer great in the state of Colorado and the brewing is critical to that understanding.

To get back on track I picked up Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher. The way Mosher writes invites you to join in – it almost transports you. He takes you from the basics to adding fruits (and chile) all the way to the idea of going pro. Now I don’t harbor any ambitions for that (for now) since I have so much to learn and so much to practice but it has me excited again. If you are looking for another book to get into it on back into it Radical Brewing is a must read.



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