Craft Breweries Get Their Seal | Craft Beer Update

The Seal of Approval

Photo provided by the Brewers Association on Facebook

It’s no surprise with the overwhelming response by craft beer drinkers to the seemingly endless run of buyouts that the local breweries would make a stand. After Wicked Weed was acquired by InBev most took to their social media to state their beliefs and establish their positions moving forward.

While we don’t know if this will hold true forever with the economy of beer being every-changing we can certainly appreciate their small business-big plan independence. Today the Brewers Association announced their first ever Craft Brewer Seal. Moving forward these dedicated homebrewers can literally mark their territory.

This change may not reach out to the average drinker who just wants something cool – nor will it affect the craft beer fan but it will hopefully get that most sought-after drinker. The middle man – the person who loves craft but isn’t married to it, the very people companies like InBev are trying to steal.

We all know people are far more influenced than they care to admit by labels and by placing this seal on all small-independently brewed craft beers there’s hope those people will stand firmly with craft beer.

Only time will tell but this small move is a big statement for Craft Beer.


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