Get Your Radler On | Mini Style Exploration

Let’s Talk About The Radler

The Radler pairs well with our style of the month, the Pilsner, because without a Pilsner the Radler would not be possible. The Radler is a special beer however, it’s a style without truly being it’s own style. A traditional Radler (sometimes called a Shandy) is the combination of a blonde lager such as a Helles or Pilsner mixed with lemonade or another drink that is lime-lemon in nature. Newer versions of this style have elected to use Ale as the base beer as well but you don’t see it as often.

The break down between the beer and the “mixer” ranges from just a splash to nearly 50-50 creating a tart and sessionable beer. This style generally pops onto the scene in April and is around until the end of July.

Below is The List of Radlers We Are Drinking This Summer:

Roadie Grapefruit Radler

Great Divide Brewing Company

 ABV: 4.2%

Taste: This beer gushes with grapefruit flavor that can be traced to their use of grapefruit puree. It’s light, a bit sweet and made to drink all day long.

Lightshine Radler

Wibby Brewing 

ABV: 4.5%

Taste: The combo of their Helles and fresh raspberry lemonade comes together for a tart, crisp session beer. Immensely refreshing but full of deep flavors.


Bonfire Brewing

ABV: 6.1%

Taste: The ale base stands out in this beer. It’s a bit tart with the lemon but the overall flavor floats with mint. It’s more subtle than the other two beers and while it has the higher ABV, you would never know.

If you can’t find one these beers you can also grab your go to blonde lager and mix in some fresh lemonade. Mix the best ingredients to get the best finished product.


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