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India Pale Ale (IPA) – Burial Beer Company

This is a beer blog dedicated to the Colorado Craft Beer scene but what you might not know is that Burial Beer Company has made a cameo. TRVE Brewing has not only partnered in collaborations with Burial (based in Asheville, NC) but was kind enough to the beer drinkers in Denver to act as an importer and distributor. I am not as familiar with Burial as I should be but I trust TRVE so I had to try the full lineup.

Tagline: Theorized of pilsner, oats, rye, and a blend of six otherworldly hops, this IPA is dry-hopped twice and fermented on our house yeast.

Made to quell our innermost fears. Derived from our most outward desires. 

Visual: Slightly hazy in its straw color with an incredibly fluffy head.

Aroma: Hop forward. It’s citrus but more complex than that, the combination of the hops (along with the dry-hopping) gives off hints of tangerine, grapefruit etc. Each sniff takes you down a different, intriguing path.

Taste: As expected the hops hit your palate first. It’s followed by a light malt backbone and a creamy mouthfeel from the oats. Bitter like you would expect from a more traditional west coast IPA but not as intense. You aren’t left with too much bitter and the fruit still lingers.

ABV: 6%

Overall Beer Rating:     8.5 spades out of 10


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