Mockery Brewing Co – Brewery Review

Location: Denver, Colorado (River North AKA RiNo)

The Scene: Walking in the door the vibe felt modern and young but in the couple of hours we spent there on a Friday night we watched newly 21 year-olds, young families and the freshly retired enjoy their beers. It gave off the feel of your local neighborhood bar if your bartender was obsessed with craft beer. Inside the space was limited but maximized so even when it was packed with people you didn’t feel crushed.

Beer List: The beer list stood from floor to ceiling and had something for everyone. I selected two rye beers since I don’t see them often. I am partial to saisons and the Rye saison didn’t disappoint, it was crisp with a great finish. Pretty Rye For A White Guy was also tasty – it was hoppy and great for the hot evening sun. With Great Divide a two minute walk away you have to have variety and quality and Mockery does.

The Unexpected: Patios, they are my favorite things from May to late September and this one could climb to the top of the list. It was huge with everything from family style seating to an outdoor bar and stand alone barrels to group around. There was space, most of it under umbrellas for everyone. Mix in the delicious cold, well brewed beer and you felt miles away from Brighton BLVD.

Overall Rating:     9 spades out of 10


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